Rhino Linings of Danvers is one of the very few Rhino Dealers that sprays the Rhino Extreme product with a heated, 1:1 ratio High Pressure spray system.  This gives a great looking fine texture and very durable product.  Click on the pictures link to take a look at our work.

A Rhino Liner becomes an integral part of the truck.  There are no screws, drilled holes, or clamps to come loose.  Our liner is sprayed on hot, bonds directly to the surface, and sets in less than 10 seconds. This forms an air and watertight layer of protection between the elements and your truck bed, permanently preventing paint damage, rust and corrosion.

Unlike other spray-on liners, Rhino Extreme is 100% Polyurea.  This creates a liner made of toughness, strength, flexibility, and very good abrasion and cut resistance - even in hot weather, adding up to the best and most attractive truck bed protection available.

Yes, its repairable.  Even if the most unlikely mishap occurs, your Rhino Liner can be seamlessly repaired to like-new condition. 

What is Rhino Extreme?

Rhino Extreme has been developed for outdoor industrial and commercial applications, but we also use it for our truck linings.  

What is so extreme about Extreme?

Its more durable than any other product offered by Rhino Linings.  The Extreme liner is 30% tougher than HardLine, which is a very tough product developed specifically for truck liners.

Advantages of Polyurea over Polyurethane.

Pros: Polyurea is a close "cousin" of Polyurethane. Polyurea is very UV stable, which means it is very fade resistant and the black liner will not change color. It is very tough, has a higher temperature tolerance, has a higher tear strength, and will not react with moisture like Polyurethane. Moisture in the air will create very small air bubbles in polyurethane, which creates a less dense liner.  Rhino Extreme is the only 100% Ployurea spray-on liner offered by Rhino Linings.  Most other brands spray 100% Polyurethane or a mixture (hybrid) of Polyurethane and Polyurea.

Cons: It is expensive, but you get what you pay for. This stuff is pit bull tough - looks great, and will stay looking great!

What is so great about the 1:1 Ratio High Pressure Spray System?

There are two types of high pressure spray systems, 2:1 and 1:1 ratio. To create Polyurea two chemicals are mixed: Resin and Isocyanate (Iso). When the chemicals mix in the nozzle of the spray gun of a high pressure system the product starts to harden in about 5 seconds, creating Polyurea. This fast cure time prevents the product from dripping off the rails or sagging down the walls of the bed. The 1:1 ratio system mixes even amounts of Iso and resin which creates a product with superior bonding properties far better than 2:1 systems. This means the liner WILL NOT bubble or peel, and it will bond better then any other liner on the market.  

Before becoming a Rhino dealer we have sprayed many different brands of 100% Polyurethane (both high pressure and low pressure systems), hybrid mixtures, and 100% Polyurea. From our experience we find that Rhino Extreme Polyurea sprayed with a 1:1 high pressure spray system bonds better, resists moisture better, and is tougher than anything else we have sprayed. 

Why don't all Rhino Dealers spray Extreme?

Because the high pressure spray system is required.  Not many Rhino dealers have the equipment capable of spraying this new product.

Extreme Warranty

All Rhino Liners come with a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty on any type of material or workmanship defects.  Your liner will be repaired free of charge if in the unlikely event it blisters, delaminates (peels), or cracks. This warranty is valid to the original purchaser for the life of the truck.