Look at it!  We produce a great looking fine textured liner using a heated, high pressure spray system. 

Its in the details:  A perfect application every time!  No runs, drips, or uneven texture.  Always nice straight lines. We remove all the tie-down hooks, screws and bolts in the bed and tailgate. We also spray the tailgate access covers separate from the tailgate (Ford, Dodge, Toyota). That way we don't permanently bond the cover to the tailgate.

Its tougher: Extreme is Rhino's latest  formula that is very tough.  It is unlikely that you will ever damage this liner.  

Dealers use us: Most of the local auto dealers use us to install Rhino Liners in the trucks they sell.  Why? Quality and Fast Service. Also, their customers are happy with the liners, which makes the dealers happy with us.

Customer Service:  We make sure you are happy.  We want you to come back when you buy your next truck.  If ANYTHING goes wrong with your liner we will fix it, no questions asked.  Most likely you will never have a problem anyway.

Fast Service:  When you make an appointment let us know if you need to wait for your truck and we can complete the job in about 3 hours. The liner will be dry and you can take your truck as soon as we are done, even in foul weather.  Bring a newspaper and a coffee and have a seat, or walk down the street and get lunch or do some shopping.  We are conveniently located in the center of Danvers.